I Need Evidence

Warning: If you are looking for a feel-good, pumpkin-spice-latte vibe… this series is probably not for you. For me, eff the warm fuzzies; I have enough weak sauce in my life. This is a hardcore deep dive into the spiritual and the personal. In the “I Need Evidence Series,” I will accompany you through some spiritual GOATs’ personal searches — including my own search —  for evidence of the purported divine Being outside of spacetime. With this series I can’t promise it will give you Gilmore Girls wit or giddiness; but I can lead you closer to the truth of something that, if true, would be the best news you could ever receive. If you’re in, I hope this series helps feed your curiosity about the question that has weighed heaviest on our conscious ape brains since we were first zapped (or possibly ‘shroomed) into thinking about it.

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